Organization Service

Next, you need to configure the eXo OrganizationService to tell how the directory is structured and how to interact with it. This is managed by a couple of init-params: ldap.userDN.key and ldap.attribute.mapping in the ldap-configuration.xml file (located at portal.war/WEB-INF/conf/organization by default).

      <description>The key used to compose user DN</description>
      <description>ldap attribute mapping</description>
      <object type="org.exoplatform.services.organization.ldap.LDAPAttributeMapping">

ldap.attribute.mapping maps your LDAP to eXo. At first, there are two main parameters to configure in it:

<field name="baseURL"><string>dc=exoplatform,dc=org</string></field>
<field name="ldapDescriptionAttr"><string>description</string></field>


Since Core 2.2+, name of a common attribute is used as description for groups and membership types.

Other parameters are discussed in the following sections:

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