Reference Guide / GateIn

The intended readers of this guide are developers who want to learn about GateIn developments and configurations.

This guide provides thorough information about services and applications provided by GateIn via the following chapters:

  • Configuration

    Knowledge of configurations of GateIn database and email service that helps you customize and extend more functions for your product.

  • Portal development

    Knowledge of portal skinning, portal lifecycle, and some important configurations (Portal default, Portal permission, Portal navigation, Internationalization), data import strategy, navigation controller and others that allows you to develop your portal.

  • Applications development

    Comprehensive knowledge of 2 main applications of GateIn (portlets and gadgets) that allows you to develop them in a portal.

  • Authentication and Identity

    Basic knowledge of authentication and identity of portals, including Password encryption, Predefined user configuration, Authentication token configuration, PicketLink IDM integration, Organization API, User profile, and Single-Sign-On.

  • Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP)

    Information about support levels and instructions on how to deploy, configure and consume Web Services for Remote Portlets in GateIn.

  • Advanced Development - Foundation

    Further knowledge of foundations (including GateIn Kernel, configuration syntax, InitParams configuration object, GateIn extension mechanism and portal extensions) of a portal system, as well detailed instructions for you to configure services/portal container or to Running multiple portals.

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