3.2.3. Binary values processing Usage Value implementations

Processing binary large object (BLOB) is very important in eXo JCR, so this section focuses on explaining how to do it.


Binary large object (BLOB) properties can be stored in two ways in eXo JCR: in the database with items information or in an external storage on host file system. These options can be configured at workspace in the repository-configuration.xml repository configuration file. The database storage cannot be completely disabled.

The first case is optimal for most of cases which you do not use very large values or/and do not have too many BLOBs. The configuration of the BLOBs size and BLOBs quantity in a repository depends on your database features and hardware.

The second case is to use an external values storage. The storage can be located on a built-in hard disk or on an attached storage. But in any cases, you should access the storage as if it is a regular file. The external value storage is optional and can be enabled in a database configuration.


eXo JCR Repository service configuration basics is discussed in JCR Configuration.

Database and workspace persistence storage configuration is discussed in JDBC Data Container configuration.

See configuration details for External Value Storages.

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