Searching with synonyms is integrated in the jcr:contains() function and uses the same syntax as synonym searches in Google. If a search term is prefixed by a tilde symbol ( ~ ), synonyms of the search term are taken into consideration.

For example:

SQL: select * from nt:resource where contains(., '~parameter')

XPath: //element(*, nt:resource)[jcr:contains(., '~parameter')

This feature is disabled by default and you need to add a configuration parameter to the query-handler element in your JCR configuration file to enable it.

<param  name="synonymprovider-config-path" value="..you path to configuration file....."/>
<param  name="synonymprovider-class" value="org.exoplatform.services.jcr.impl.core.query.lucene.PropertiesSynonymProvider"/>

 * <code>SynonymProvider</code> defines an interface for a component that
 * returns synonyms for a given term.
public interface SynonymProvider {

    * Initializes the synonym provider and passes the file system resource to
    * the synonym provider configuration defined by the configuration value of
    * the <code>synonymProviderConfigPath</code> parameter. The resource may be
    * <code>null</code> if the configuration parameter is not set.
    * @param fsr the file system resource to the synonym provider
    *            configuration.
    * @throws IOException if an error occurs while initializing the synonym
    *                     provider.
   public void initialize(InputStream fsr) throws IOException;

    * Returns an array of terms that are considered synonyms for the given
    * <code>term</code>.
    * @param term a search term.
    * @return an array of synonyms for the given <code>term</code> or an empty
    *         array if no synonyms are known.
   public String[] getSynonyms(String term);
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