Reference Guide / eXo JCR

This reference guide is for developers, administrators, and even beginners who use eXo Platform. After reading this guide, you will gain a comprehensive knowledge of eXo JCR - a powerful open source implementation of the Java Specification Request 170, also known as Content Repository for Java technology API.

The guide is divided into the following chapters:

  • Introduction to JCR

    This chapter walks you through basic knowledge of JCR. You will also learn about the JCR architecture and its compatibility levels.

  • Configuration

    This chapter covers instructions on how to configure and use JCR from basic to advanced levels.

  • Developer References

    This chapter is a collection of references which are useful for developers, including JCR node types, namespaces, searches, services and extensions.

  • Administration

    This chapter takes you through instructions on how to configure JCR connectors, database, administration tools and performance tuning.

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