1.11.3. eXo Cache extension

In the previous versions of eXo Kernel, it was quite complex to implement your own ExoCache because it was not open enough. Since Kernel 2.0.8, it is possible to easily integrate your favorite cache provider in eXo Products.

You just need to implement your own ExoCacheFactory and register it in an eXo container, as described below:

package org.exoplatform.services.cache;

public interface ExoCacheFactory {
   * Creates a new instance of {@link org.exoplatform.services.cache.ExoCache}
   * @param config the cache to create
   * @return the new instance of {@link org.exoplatform.services.cache.ExoCache}
   * @exception ExoCacheInitException if an exception happens while initializing the cache
  public ExoCache createCache(ExoCacheConfig config) throws ExoCacheInitException;  

As you can see, there is only one method which can be seen as a converter of an ExoCacheConfig to get an instance of ExoCache. Once you created your own implementation, you can simply register your factory by adding a file conf/portal/configuration.xml with the following content:



Since Kernel 2.3.0-CR1, if the configuration is not a sub class of ExoCacheConfig and the implementation given in the configuration is the full qualified name of an existing implementation of eXo Cache, we will assume that the user expects to have an instance of this eXo Cache type so we will not use the configured cache factory.

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