1.9. Initial Context Binder

Initial Context Binder is responsible for binding references at runtime, persisting in file and automatically rebinding. Java temp directory is used to persist references in bind-references.xml file by default. In case necessary to define special file, it can be done by adding parameter to InitialContextInitializer configuration.


Service provide methods for binding reference:

public void bind(String bindName, String className, String factory, String factoryLocation, Map<String, String> refAddr) throws NamingException, FileNotFoundException, XMLStreamExcept
  • bindName - name of binding

  • className - the fully-qualified name of the class of the object to which this Reference refers

  • factory - the name of the factory class for creating an instance of the object to which this Reference refers

  • factoryLocation - the location of the factory class

  • refAddr - object's properties map

public void bind(String bindName, Reference ref) throws NamingException, FileNotFoundException, XMLStreamExcept

Returns reference associated with defined name:

public Reference getReference(String bindName)

Unbind the Reference with defined name:

public void unbind(String bindName) throws NamingException, FileNotFoundException, XMLStreamException
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