8.1. Planning your backup

The eXo Platform data consists of 2 parts:


These 2 parts need to be backed up and restored consistently. Inconsistency may lead to failures and exceptions at the eXo Platform runtime. During the backup, you should stop eXo Platform to make sure no write-process is performing.

You may back up periodically or on-demand, before an upgrade or a patch for instance. If you are planning to back up periodically, consider the following things:

If your backup takes long time and occupies a big memory space, here are some tips:


  • The downtime will be much shorter if you have File System data and SQL data located on different hard drives, and back up them in parallel.

  • Try optimizing your database server to restore faster.

  • You do not need full-backup all the time. There are 2 backup options: incremental and differential that may lower the space. The backup approaches are explained here. Linux rsync and Windows backup utilities can perform incremental/differential backup. Any SQL Database server should support incremental backup.

  • Think of automation which can be used for your backup.

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