6.2. Local JCR index in cluster mode

By default eXo Platform 4.0 uses a shared JCR index, and the JCR index folder is set to a sub-folder of exo.shared.dir:

<property name="gatein.jcr.index.data.dir" value="${exo.shared.dir}/jcr/index"/>

If you want each node to use a local index, modify $PLATFORM_JBOSS_HOME/standalone/configuration/standalone-exo-cluster.xml to enable the profile cluster-index-local:

<property name="exo.profiles" value="all,cluster,cluster-index-local"/>

And set the index directory to a local path:

<property name="gatein.jcr.index.data.dir" value="/path/to/local/index"

If you want to read more about JCR indexing, see eXo JCR Reference.

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