2.2. Data directory configuration

JCR data is stored in both SQL databases and File System. JCR Database configuration is explained in Database. The JCR File System configuration is explained in this section.

Typically, the JCR File System data consists of four folders:

By default, these four folders are located under a common directory that is $PLATFORM_TOMCAT_HOME/gatein/data (in Tomcat) or $PLATFORM_JBOSS_HOME/standalone/data/gatein (in JBoss).

In production, it is recommended to configure it to use a directory separated from the package. Especially in cluster mode, it should be a network shared folder.

Configuration in Platform Tomcat

In Tomcat, the directory is configured by the environment variable EXO_DATA_DIR. Edit the bin/setenv-customize.sh script (.bat for Windows):


You need to create the script file by copying/renaming the sample bin/setenv-customize.sample.(sh|bat). See Customizing environment variables for more information.

Configuration in Platform JBoss

In JBoss, the directory is configured by the system property gatein.data.dir. Edit standalone/configuration/standalone-exo.xml like below:

    <property name="gatein.data.dir" value="/mnt/nfs/shared/exo/data"/>

Note that if you are configuring the cluster mode, the configuration might be different. The file should be standalone-exo-cluster.xml and the property should be exo.shared.dir. See Setting up eXo Platform cluster.

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