3.1. Overview of eXo Platform database

eXo Platform relies on the application server for its database access, so the database must be configured as a data source at the AS (app server) level. For how datasource is configured in your app server, refer to:

For both Tomcat and JBoss, you need to define 2 main configurations:

  1. The datasources which are used in eXo Platform. There are 2 datasources in eXo Platform by default:

    • One for Identity Management (IDM) service.

    • And the other for Java Content Repository (JCR) service.

    You should configure each of them to bind to one database schema, although they can use the same schema.

  2. The databases which bind to the datasources.

    • The embedded HSQL database is used by default. However, if you want to bring eXo Platform to production, HSQL is not recommended. Also, eXo Platform supports many RDBMSs, such as MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL.

    • Unless HSQL is used, you need to create the schemas before you start eXo Platform. However, you do not need to create any tables because they are created automatically at the first startup.

    • You need to provide all information for establishing a JDBC connection to your schema: host, port, driver, user name, password.

    • You should download the driver from the corresponding RDBMS website.

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