7.2. Synchronization

When you have integrated eXo Platform with a populated directory, or you manage users and groups via LDAP utilities, use OrganizationIntegrationService that takes care the LDAP users and groups as if they were original Platform users and groups.

To be clear, when a user is registered via Platform UI, a user creation event is known and handled by the user listener. This listener makes sure that the necessary data, like a folder for personal documents, will be created. In case an LDAP user is mapped into Platform, the event is not known by the listener so the folder will be missing until you run the OrganizationIntegrationService that invokes the user listener to check and create necessary data.


During the synchronization, LDAP users are granted the member:/platform/users membership so that they can access the Intranet page.

The FQN of the service is org.exoplatform.platform.organization.integration.OrganizationIntegrationService.

Generally, once you configure it, the service runs automatically. It runs when the server starts and when a user/group/membership is created or deleted.

The service is also exposed via REST and JMX, so you can call its operations, like syncUser or syncGroup, anytime you want.

To be more flexible, eXo Platform provides the two other services:

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