Administrator Guide

This guide is designed for:

  • System Administrators who want to use, deploy and manage the eXo Platform system in their enterprises.

  • Developers who want to know how to leverage eXo Platform in their customer projects.

Throughout the guide, you can do many administrative tasks when implementing eXo Platform. The administration of eXo Platform is categorized into the following chapters:

  • Installation and Startup

    Information about system requirements and profiles, as well as how to install the Tomcat bundle and JBoss EARs.

  • Configuration

    Understanding of configuration related to cache, users and gadget proxy, file system paths, WebDAV Cache Control, OpenOffice Server, Logs, and JCR.

  • Database

    Introduction to a database configuration, steps to connect to a production database, and FAQs of database configuration.

  • Deployment

    How-Tos of removing sample applications, deploying a custom extension, setting up Apache Front-end and configuring the session timeout for the web server.

  • Management

    Introduction to the eXo Platform management views.

  • Clustering

    Changes related to clustering, which are necessary for eXo Platform to work in the cluster mode.

  • LDAP Integration

    How to integrate eXo Platform with LDAP (OpenLDAP, MS Active Directory and others).

  • Backup and Restore

    How to back up and restore database and file systems for the JCR index and value storage.

  • Upgrade

    A list of prerequisites, how to upgrade to a newer version and best practices.

  • Security

    Instructions related to security configuration, including: JAAS Realm, Gadget proxy, HTTPS and "Remember My Login" token.

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