4.5.2. File and Folder Structure

Inside CKEditor

There are the following folders:

samplesContains CKEditor samples.
sourceContains CKEditor source code.
adaptersContains CKEditor adapters. It may be removed if you do not use any adapters, like the jQuery one.
imagesContains CKEditor graphics files.
langContains CKEditor language files.
pluginsContains plugin files that are necessary for CKEditor to work.
skinsContains CKEditor skin files along with toolbar buttons and stylesheet definitions.
themesContains the CKEditor theme.
ckeditor.jsThe heart of CKEditor application. It is the unique compressed file which contains all of codes to run CKEditor.
ckeditorbasic.jsThe compressed file like ckeditor.js, but it is only a bootstrap which contains the core functionality only, so the rest of the code can be loaded at later time, avoiding delaying the initial load of the page.
ckeditorsource.jsAn uncompressed version of ckeditor.js.
ckeditorbasicsource.jsAn uncompressed version of ckeditorbasic.js.
config.jsAllows users to customize some configurations.
contents.cssDefines the stylesheets of the CKEditor application.
ckeditor.aspIt is used for ASP integration.
ckeditor.phpIt is used for PHP integration.
ckeditorphp4.phpIt is used for PHP4 integration.
ckeditorphp5.phpIt is used for PHP5 integration.
ckeditor.packRe-builds the compression version of 2 files: ckeditor.js, and ckeditorbasic.js.

CKEditor in the eXo Platform context

There is a .war package named eXoWCMResources which integrates the CKEditor application into eXo Platform. The source code is placed inside the [$ECMS]/apps/resources-wcm/src/main/webapp/ folder.

Its structure consists of the folders and files below:

Folders & FilesDescription
ckeditorContains all source codes of CKEditor.
eXoPluginsContains the source code of 3 external plugins: Insert Content Link, Insert Portal Link, WCM Insert Gadget.
eXoConfig.jsRegisters 3 external plugins, and define some types of the toolbar.
eXoPlugins.jsDefines some utility functions which can be used by 3 external plugins.
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