Chapter 4. Developing Content

This chapter represents topics related to creating a new content manually, including:

  • Content form

    All steps to create a content form, from its nodetype to template.

  • Dialog validator

    Steps to create a custom validator that can be used in the dialog fields, and how to test it.

  • Content List templates

    Ways to create, use and customize Content List templates.

  • Publication lifecycle

    Instructions on how to create your own publication lifecycle and how to add an action to it.

  • Customizing CKEditor

    A WYSIWYG editor (text editor) which allows you to see what the published results look like while editing your text.

  • Categories

    A particular classification arranged in a hierarchical structure that helps you organize your content into categories.


eXo Platform provides you with 2 options to create the content for your new extension:

  • Creating new content manually.

  • Importing an existing content into your extension.

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