Chapter 7. Managing Your Organization

Managing your organization includes various actions related to users, groups and memberships. All actions can be performed via UI as described in User Guide.

Besides managing your organization through UI, this chapter will instruct you how to configure OrganizationService and common usecases via the following topics:

  • Initializing organization by XML configuration

    Introduction to the OrganizationService component, PicketLink, LDAP and instructions on how to initialize entities via XML configuration.

  • Working with organization API

    Instructions on how to work with organization API to implement some works related to entities, including Managing users, Managing groups, Assigning users to a group, and Setting auto-membership for users.

  • Organization listeners

    General knowledge of Organization Service, and step-by-step instructions on how to write Organization listeners, pack them into a .jar, and deploy them into eXo Platform.

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