2.3. CMIS Configuration

This section consists of the following main topics:

To expose Content drives to the CMIS repositories, you must make a special extension of CmisRegistry.

To make the org.exoplatform.ecms.xcmis.sp.DriveCmisRegistry typical component, do as follows:

        <!-- Disabled by default. Uncomment if you need query support in CMIS. -->
        <!-- value-param>
            <description>Redition providers classes.</description>
        <!-- <value>org.xcmis.renditions.impl.PDFDocumentRenditionProvider</value> -->

Where configuration parameters include:


In most cases, it is not required to change anything in the xCIMIS configuration. In case of any change of the indexer storage location, do not comment the indexDir value parameter and point it to the actual location.

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