2.1.3. Content components

This section describes Content services which provide low-level functionality for UI components. These services are classified into the following groups:

  • Actions

    This section represents the components related to managing Content actions and scripts in eXo Platform.

  • Content arrangement

    This section describes services related arranging content in eXo Platform, consisting of Lock Service, Taxonomy Service, Link Manager, Manage View Service, Manage Drives Service, New Folksonomy Service, and Relationship Service.

  • Images Processing

    This section describes the components related to processing Content images in eXo Platform, consisting of Jod Converter Service, PDF Viewer Service, and Thumbnail Service.

  • Publication

    This section describes two components which process document publication in eXo Platform.

  • Searching

    This section represents components related to the Content searching feature in eXo Platform, consisting of Site Search Service, SEO Service, and Query Service.

  • Templates Processing

    This section describes services related to processing Content templates, including Application Template Manager Service, Fragment Cache Service, WCM Service, WCM Configuration Service, CMS Service, Multi-language Service, Template Service, Metadata Service, XJavaScript Service, XSkin Service, WCM Content Initializer Service, and Live Link Manager Service.

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