Forum User Listener

This plugin is used to create a profile in the Forum for each new user and process the user information when the user is deleted.

You can find the configuration file of this component at: extension/webapp/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/ks-extension/ks/ks-configuration.xml.

To use the plugin in the component configuration, you must use the following target-component:


Sample Configuration

  <description>creates a profile in forum for each new user and calculate info when deleted user.</description>
      <description>set default user profile</description>
      <property name="timeZone" value="GMT"/>
      <property name="shortDateFormat" value="MM/dd/yyyy"/>
      <property name="longDateFormat" value="DDD,MMM dd,yyyy"/>
      <property name="timeFormat" value="hh:mm a"/>
      <property name="maxTopic" value="10"/>
      <property name="maxPost" value="10"/>

In which:

See the explanation about properties of this plugin here.

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