All entrye Social portlets are packaged in entrye social-portlet.war file.

Portlet nameDescription
Members Enables users to search for Space members or lists space members in the alphabetical order.
My Spaces Displays the spaces that user is member or manager.
Space Activity Stream Shares spaces activities.
Invitations Lists all people that invite users.
Requests Lists all invitations requested by users.
Invitation Spaces Displays the spaces that user is invited.
Pending Spaces Displays the requests to join spaces page.
Public Spaces Displays the Public Spaces page.
User Activity Stream Updates and shares the user's activities and/or status.
People Displays the People page.
Connections Displays the Connections page.
Profile Displays the User profile page.
Connections Navigation Displays all connections of a user.
All Spaces Displays the list of all spaces in the system.
Space Access Manages the accessing-space permission of users.
Network Displays the relationship information of the current user.
Home Space Displays the the space homepage.
Space Menu Displays the space menu to applications.
Space Setting Displays the Space Setting page.
People Directory Displays the page to search for people.
All People Displays the page that shows all people in the system.
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