CMIS Services

CMIS provides a set of services to access and manage the content or repository. These services include:

Repository Services Discovers information about the repository and the object types defined for the repository.
Navigation Services Traverses the folder hierarchy in a CMIS repository, and to locate documents which are checked out.
Object Services Executes ID-based CRUD functions (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) on objects in a repository.
Multi-filing Services (optional) Puts an object in more than one folder (multi-filing), or outside the folder hierarchy (unfiling).
Discovery Services Searches for queryable objects in a repository.
Versioning Services Checks out, navigates to documents, or updates a Document Version Series (checkOut, cancelCheckOut, getPropertiesOfLatestVersion, getAllVersions, deleteAllVersions).
Relationship Services (optional) Retrieves an object for its relationships.
Policy Services (optional) Applies, removes, or queries for policies.
ACL Services Returns and manages the Access Control List (ACL) of an object. ACL Services are not supported by all repositories.

Some repositories might not implement certain optional capabilities, but they are still considered as CMIS-compliant. Each service has binding which defines the way messages will be serialized and wired. Binding is based on HTTP and uses the Atom Publishing Protocol.

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