JCR namespaces and nodetypes

CMIS uses special JCR namespaces cmis and xcmis internally.

The following nodetypes are supported to expose the content of drives:

Since the CMIS specification does not allow having more root types except ones described above (cmis:documents and cmis:folder), the nt:file and nt:folder nodetypes are mapped to CMIS types.

There are two more nodetypes which are used: cmis:policy and cmis:relationship which represent CMIS types with corresponded (see Services description for details).

Additionally, nodetypes used in Content are mapped as follow:

In other words, only nodetypes extending nt:file, nt:folder, nt:unstructured and exo:taxonomy will be exposed correctly via CMIS API.


The Content nodetype named exo:article is not supported by eXo CMIS due to uncompliant structure to nt:file.

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