Modifying Content via CMIS


Upload the modified local file using the command with id of the file stored in Content (it is jcr:uuid of the file in JCR Workspace). You should run this command from the folder where the local file is stored.

To update any file via CMIS, use the file service and the PUT request. Use the same file as in the previous use case ( /acme/documents/test.txt, id:f708e208c0a80003554babb97bd934ba).

curl -T test.txt -X PUT -H "Content-Type:text/plain; charset=UTF-8" -u root:gtn http://localhost:8080/rest/private/cmisatom/Managed%20Sites/file/f708e208c0a80003554babb97bd934ba

Go to the Sites Explorer to see changes applied from the local file in /acme/documents/test.txt.

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