Calendar setting

The calendarSetting node of the exo:calendarSetting type is stored in CalendarApplication/calendarsetting. The exo:calendarSetting node type has the following properties:

Property nameRequired typeMultipleDescription
exo:viewTypeStringfalseView type of the calendar. For more details, refer to the org.exoplatform.calendar.service. CalendarSetting class.
exo:timeIntervalLongfalseThe interval for each action displayed each UI, for example, dragging and dropping one event in the Calendar application.
exo:weekStartOnStringfalseDefines the start date of one week, complying with the org.exoplatform.cal endar.service.CalendarSetting class.
exo:dateFormatStringfalseDefines the date format, including dd/MM/yyyy, dd-MM-yyyy, MM/dd/yyyy, and MM-dd-yyyy.
exo:timeFormatStringfalseDefines the time format, including "hh:mm a" and "HH:mm".
exo:timeZoneStringfalseThe Id of the time zone, which is set by the user in compliance with the java.util.TimeZone Java class.
exo:showWorkingTimefalseBooleanChecks if the working period is displayed or not.
exo:workingTimeBeginStringfalseTime to start working. This property only takes effect when exo:showWorkingTime is set to true.
exo:workingTimeEndStringfalseTime to end working. This property only takes effect when exo:showWorkingTime is set to true.
exo:defaultPrivateCalendarsStringtrueThe list of the hidden private calendars.
exo:defaultPublicCalendarsStringtrueThe list of the hidden public calendars.
exo:defaultSharedCalendarsStringtrueThe list of the hidden shared calendars.
exo:sharedCalendarsColorsStringtrueDefines the color of the shared calendar, which is in the format of [calendar id]:[color name].
exo:sendOptionStringfalseThe option to notify users before sending an invitation via email: never (not sending all time), always (sending message without asking) and ask (asking before sending).
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