The Topic node is defined as a child node of the Forum node and allowed adding child nodes as Topic, Poll and RSS types. The node type of the Topic and Poll nodes is exo:topic, and exo:poll.

Properties nameRequired typeMultipleDescription
exo:idStringfalseThe topic Id.
exo:ownerStringfalseThe user Id of the topic creator.
exo:pathStringfalseThe node path of the topic.
exo:nameStringfalseThe subject of the topic.
exo:createdDateDatefalseThe time when the topic was created.
exo:modifiedByStringfalseThe Id of the user who made the latest modification in the topic.
exo:modifiedDateDatefalseThe date when the modifications were made.
exo:lastPostByStringfalseThe user Id of the last poster in topic.
exo:lastPostDateDatefalseThe date when the last post was submitted.
exo:descriptionStringfalseThe topic description.
exo:topicTypeStringfalseThe Id of the topic type.
exo:postCountLongfalseThe number of posts in the topic.
exo:viewCountLongfalseThe number of topic views.
exo:numberAttachmentsLongfalseThe number of attachments in the topic.
exo:iconStringfalseThe name of the topic icon.
exo:linkStringfalseThe link to the topic. For example: http://localhost:8080/ksdemo/public/classic/forum/topic/%Topic-id%.
exo:isModeratePostBooleanfalseAll posts in the topic will have to wait for moderation if the value is set to "true".
exo:isNotifyWhenAddPostBooleanfalseWhen there is a new post in a topic, a notification message will be sent to the topic owner if this value is set to "true".
exo:isClosedBooleanfalseThe state of the topic: closed/open. If the value is set to "true", the topic is closed.
exo:isLockBooleanfalseThe lock status of the topic: lock/unlocked. If the value is set to "true", the topic is locked.
exo:isApprovedBooleanfalseThe topic is approved to be published if the value is set to "true".
exo:isStickyBooleanfalseIf the value is set to "true", the topic is currently sticky.
exo:isWaitingbooleanfalseThe topic status. The topic is waiting for moderation if the value is set to "true".
exo:isActivebooleanfalseThe topic activity status: active/inactive. The topic is active (topic gets new posts in a period of time) if the status is set to "true".
exo:isActiveByForumBooleanfalseThe topic status based on the forum state. For example: When the topic is active and the forum that contains it is closed, this topic will be considered as inactive.
exo:canViewStringtrueList of user Ids who can view the topic contents.
exo:canPostStringtrueList of user Ids who can post in the topic.
exo:isPollBooleanfalseThe topic contains poll if the value is set to "true".
exo:userVoteRatingStringtrueThe list of user Id who voted.
exo:tagIdStringtrueThe list of the topic tag Id.
exo:voteRatingDoublefalseThe average vote score of the topic.

The exo:topic can add the exo:forumWatching mixin type. See its properties here.

Properties nameRequired typeMultipleDescription
exo:idStringfalseThe poll Id.
exo:ownerStringfalseThe user Id of poll creator.
exo:createdDateDatefalseThe date and time when the poll was created.
exo:modifiedByStringfalseThe user Id who modified the poll.
exo:modifiedDateDatefalseThe time when the poll is modified.
exo:lastVoteDatefalseThe date of the last vote.
exo:questionStringfalseThe contents of the question for poll.
exo:timeOutLongfalseThe time when the polled is closed.
exo:optionStringtrueThe list of options for poll.
exo:voteStringtrueThe list of votes by users.
exo:userVoteStringtrueThe list of user Ids who voted.
exo:isMultiCheckBooleanfalseUsers can choose more than one option if the value is set to "true".
exo:isAgainVoteBooleanfalseUsers can change their vote if the value is set to "true".
exo:isClosedBooleanfalseThe poll status. Poll is closed if the value is set to "true".
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