Administration and Administration Home

The Administration and Administration Home nodes are used to store data for setting the layout, notification email format and censor jobs. The type of the Administration Home node is exo:administrationHome and the its child node type is exo:administration. The Administration node is stored under the ForumSystem node /exo:applications/ForumService/ForumSystem/exo:administrationHome/exo:administration and its exo:administration child node type has the following properties:

Properties nameRequired typeMultipleDescription
exo:forumSortByStringfalseSorts forum by criteria: post count, topic count, lock status.
exo:forumSortByTypeStringfalseSorts forum by ascending/descending type.
exo:topicSortByStringfalseSorts topic by criteria.
exo:topicSortByTypeStringfalseSorts topic by ascending type or descending type.
exo:censoredKeywordStringfalseThe list of censored words.
exo:headerSubjectStringfalseThe subject header.
exo:enableHeaderSubjectBooleanfalseEnables/Disables the subject header. The subject header is displayed if the value is set to "true".
exo:notifyEmailContentStringfalseDefines if the notification email will be sent when there is a new added topic/post.
exo:notifyEmailMovedStringfalseDefines if the notification email will be sent when there are any moved topic/post.
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