Wiki metadata

Wiki metadata are stored in the node wikimetadata that has the node type "wiki:store". These metadata consist of information about help contents, draft contents and the way to find the wikis in the system. The nodes portalwikis, groupwikis and userwikis allow finding the wikis under the type: portal, group and user, basing on the JCR reference features. These nodes have the node types "wiki:portalwikis", "wiki:groupwikis" and "wiki:userwikis" relatively.

Help pages

Help-related information about Wiki syntaxes are stored under the "helppages" node which has the node type "wiki:page". For syntax help, there are two help pages (summary and detailed) for each syntax. The summary page suggests the simple syntax, while the detailed page provides the full syntax-related information. The detailed page is arranged as the child page of the summary page, and both of which have the same node type "wiki:page".

Draft pages

The unsaved content of a new page is stored under the "draftNewPages" node that has the node type "wiki:page".

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