Chapter 3. Platform Development

This chapter provides you with the helpful references on following topics:

  • Extensions

    The basic knowledge of extensions used in eXo Platform, consisting of UI Extensions, Authoring Extension, and Auxiliary attributes for documents.

  • Overridable Components

    The knowledge of some overridable components in eXo Platform so that you can control how these components work by implementing or extending default implementations, and then reconfigure these new components in the configuration.xml file.

  • JCR Structure

    Introduction to JCR structure of eXo Platform components, including Social, Calendar, Wiki, Forum, FAQ, and Poll.

  • Templates configuration

    Instructions on how to configure the templates used for Spaces, Content and FAQ applications.

  • CMIS Usage code examples

    Provision of examples on CMIS usage code which are useful for developers who need to access a repository.

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