Adding a new category

  1. Click on the Action bar to open the form below.

    In which:

    In the Category Setting tab:

    Category name

    The field is required, unique and must start with a letter. Only alphabetical, numerical, dash and underscore characters are allowed for this field with the length between 3 and 30 characters.

    Display name

    The display name of the category and its length must be between 3 and 30 characters.


    A brief description of the category. Any length from 0 to 255 characters is allowed.

  2. Enter values in the Category Setting tab.

  3. Select the Permission Setting tab to set the Access permission for your category. It is required. Accordingly, other users can only view and use portlets in your category to which they have access.

    For example, set the Access permission for all the members of the /platform/web-contributors group:

    For more details about how to set the Access permission, refer to Access Permission.

  4. Click Save to accept adding a new category to the categories list in the left pane.

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