7.3.1. Setting up the Answers portlet

When adding the Answers portlet to a page, you have to configure this portlet to make it work in your desired way.

Configuring the Answers portlet

  1. Open the Edit mode of the page via one of the following ways:

    • The first way

    i. Click PortalPages on the top navigation bar.

    ii. Click that corresponds to the page containing the Answers portlet in the Page Management page.


    You can use the Search function to quickly find the page which has the Answers portlet.

    • The second way

    When standing in the Answers application, click Page Edit Layout

  2. Hover your cursor over the Answers portlet, then click on the quick toolbar that appears.

    Now, you should be in the Edit Mode of the page.

  3. Change the Answers settings to your preferences.

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