Approving a topic

Moderators can approve pending topics in forums that enable the 'Moderate Topic' option. All new topics added to these forums will be pending for approval. It means that nobody can view these topics except administrators and moderators of the forums. Pending topics are only viewable for regular users when they are approved.

The administrator and moderator will know the total number of pending topics at the right corner of their Forums Administration bar and User bar.

Moderator can view the list of topics to be moderated. See Viewing all pending moderation tasks for more details.

Approving a topic

The first way

  1. Open the forum you moderate and tick topics with the Pending label, then click on the Action bar.

    Or, open a Pending topic, then click on the Action bar.

  2. Click Approve from the drop-down menu.

The second way

  1. Open the forum you moderate.

  2. Click on the Action bar, then click Approve from the drop-down menu. The Unapproved Topics List form opens.

  3. Select checkboxes corresponding to the topics you want to approve. You can preview the topic when hovering your cursor over the topic title.

  4. Click Approve to accept your approval. Approved topics are shown normally for regular users to view and take some actions.

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