6.2. Moderator

Moderators of a forum are responsible for managing content of posts and replies before and after they are posted to the category where they are assigned as moderators.

As a moderator, you can do the followings:

  • Moderating forums

    Details about how to edit, lock/unlock, close/open and move a forum.

  • Moderating topics

    Details about how to approve, edit, close/open, move, delete, lock/unlock, stick/unstick, and split a topic, or merge topics.

  • Moderating posts

    Details about how to approve, delete, move, hide, show and uncensor a post.

  • Viewing all pending moderation tasks

    Information about pending moderation tasks, how to approve or delete a pending topic/post.

  • Banning IPs

    Details about how to ban IPs on a specific forum.

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