5.3.2. Creating a folder

To make your content management neat and easy to find, you should create appropriate folders to store them.

  1. Go to the location that your want to create a folder.

  2. Select to open the New Folder form.

    If you create a new folder in a drive which allows creating more than one folder type, you will see the Use a custom type of folder checkbox. For example, in the Collaboration drive:

    • By default, if you do not select the Use a custom type of folder checkbox, a Document Folder type will be created. Tick this checkbox, then select another folder type from the drop-down menu.

  3. Enter a folder name, then click Create Folder to finish.


  • The name of a folder may be the same as that of the existing ones. In this case, an index will be added to your newly created folder that can be seen on the address bar.

  • The list of available folder types which can be created in each drive is different depending on the drive configuration.
  • Child folders will have the same folder type as that of their parent folders.
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