5.3.13. Viewing document information & metadata

Viewing document information

eXo Platform supports you to view all information of a document, such as name, title, type, owner, created and modified dates.

To view information, simply select from the Right-click menu or on the Action bar.

The View Information form appears as below.

Viewing document metadata

This function allows you to view metadata attached to the uploaded file (nt:file).

  1. Open the document (nt:file).

  2. Click on the Action bar to open the View Metadata form.

Adding/Editing metadata

  1. Click Add/Edit at the bottom of the View Metadata form to add or edit metadata to open the Add/Edit Properties form.

  2. Complete the desired fields in the Add/Edit Properties form.

    • Click to add further metadata for each field.

    • Click to remove corresponding values.

  3. Click Save to accept your changes.

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