2.5.1. Built-in gadgets

This section will introduce you to all built-in gadgets used in eXo Platform via the dashboard.

Login History

The Login History gadget records users' login history and provides statistics.

There are three tabs in this gadget:

In the Login History tab, you can look up the login history of a specific user by entering his username in the Search box and press the Enter key.

Template Statistics

The Template Statistics gadget lists all information related to the execution time of all templates in the portal, therefore administrators and developers will know how fast templates are and which ones should be optimized.

The gadget consists of two tabs:

Each template provides you with the following information:

Featured Poll

The Featured Poll gadget displays the latest created poll in the Forum that you have permission to vote. You can directly vote and see results on the gadget. This gadget also allows you to discuss about the poll topic in the Forum.


The Bookmarks gadget is a simple link management one which displays your bookmarked links in the portal and allows you to quickly access them by clicking them. You can add, edit or remove any bookmarks.

Favorite Documents

The Favorite Documents gadget lists all of your documents which are added to favorites, so you can quickly access them.

You can go the Favorites folder in the Personal Documents drive by clicking .


The Login History and Template Statistics gadgets are for the administrators to manage and improve the portal better.

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