3.2.2. Setting up a gadget server Configuring security key Configuring gadget proxy and concat

Virtual servers for gadget rendering

GateIn 3.5 recommends using two virtual hosts for security. If the gadget is running on a different domain than the container (the website that 'contains' the app), it is unable to interfere with the portal by modifying the code or cookies.

An example would hosting the portal from http://www.sample.com and the gadgets from http://www.samplemodules.com.

To do this, configure a parameter called gadgets.hostName. The value is the path/to/gadgetServer in GadgetRegisteryService:

      <description>Gadget server url</description>

It is also possible to have multiple rendering servers. This helps to balance the rendering load across multiple servers.

When deploying on the same server, ensure the gadget initiates before anything that calls it (for example, the webapp GateInGadgets which uses org.exoplatform.application.gadget.GadgetRegister).

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