2.1.7. Tips and tricks

Easier CSS debugging

By default, CSS files are cached and their imports are merged into a single CSS file at the server side. This reduces the number of HTTP requests from the browser to the server.

The optimization code is quite simple as all the CSS files are parsed at the server startup time and all the @import and url(...) references are rewritten to support a single flat file. The result is stored in a cache directly used from the ResourceRequestFilter.

Although the optimization is useful for production environments, it may be easier to deactivate this optimization while debugging stylesheets. To do so, set the java system property exo.product.developing to true.

For example, the property can be passed as a JVM parameter with the -D option when running GateIn.

sh $PLATFORM_JBOSS_HOME/bin/run.sh -Dexo.product.developing=true


This option may cause display bugs with certain browsers, such as Internet Explorer.

Some CSS techniques

It is recommended that you have some experiences with CSS before studying GateIn 3.5 CSS.

GateIn 3.5 relies heavily on CSS to create the layout and effects for the UI. Some common techniques for customizing GateIn 3.5 CSS are explained below.

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