OpenLDAP dynlist overlays

If you use OpenLDAP, you may want to use the overlays. Here is how you can use the dynlist overlay to have memberships dynamically populated.

The main idea is to have your memberships populated dynamically by an LDAP query. Thus, you no longer have to maintain manually the roles on users.

To configure the dynlist, add the following to your slapd.conf:

dynlist-attrset         ExoMembership membershipURL member

This snipet means: On entries that have ExoMembership class, use the URL defined in the value of attribute membershipURL as a query and populate results under the multivalues attribute member.

Now you need to declare the corresponding schema (replacing XXXXX to adapt to your own IANA code):

attributeType ( NAME 'membershipURL' SUP memberURL )

membershipURL inherits from memberURL.

objectClass (  NAME 'ExoMembership' SUP top MUST ( cn ) MAY (membershipURL $ member $ description ) )

ExoMembership must define cn and can have attributes:

# the TestGroup group
dn: ou=testgroup,ou=groups,ou=portal,o=MyCompany,c=com
objectClass: top
objectClass: organizationalUnit
ou: testgroup
l: TestGroup
description: the Test Group

On this group, you can bind an eXo membership where the overlay will occur:

# the manager membership on group TestGroup
dn: cn=manager, ou=TestGroup,ou=groups,ou=portal,o=MyCompany,c=com
objectClass: top
objectClass: ExoMembership
membershipURL: ldap:///ou=users,ou=portal,o=MyCompany,c=com??sub?(uid=*)
cn: manager

This dynlist assigns the manager:/testgroup role to any user.

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