1.4.3. eXo container hot reloading

When eXo Platform is running in the Dev mode, you can reload all the eXo containers, one given portal container or a set of portal containers.

Manual hot reloading

You can manually do the hot reloading for your eXo containers by using the JMX console and accessing the exo:container=root MBean which provides 2 operations related to the hot reloading, including:

Automatic hot reloading

In the Dev mode, if a web application is redeployed for some reasons, the eXo Kernel will detect it. If the web app is a valid extension that means you defined the org.exoplatform.container.web.PortalContainerConfigOwner listener in web.xml of this web app, it will first check if the configuration of the RootContainer has changed. If so, it will automatically reload everything. Otherwise, it will reload only the affected portal containers.

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