7.3. JCR index in cluster mode


As of 4.1, eXo Platform uses local JCR index by default. It is shared index in 4.0. You can switch between them by configuration.

The local indexing is defaulted for simplifying configuration. Each strategy has its pros and cons. Here is brief of their characteristics, but it is strongly recommended you read the given links for better understanding:

For local indexing, the index directory is set to a local path for each node:

<property name="exo.jcr.index.data.dir" value="${exo.jcr.data.dir}/index"/>

If you want to use a shared index for every node, modify $PLATFORM_JBOSS_HOME/standalone/configuration/standalone-exo-cluster.xml to enable the profile cluster-index-shared:

<property name="exo.profiles" value="all,cluster,cluster-index-shared"/>

And set the index directory to a network sharing path, for example, a sub-folder of exo.shared.dir:

<property name="exo.jcr.index.data.dir" value="${exo.shared.dir}/jcr/index"/>
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