3.20. Unified Search configuration

eXo Platform exposes several parameters for effective use of Unified Search Engine. You can change these parameters in the following files. See Configuration overview for how-to.

# Enables Fuzzy search engine
# Values: true/false

# Sets the required similarity between the query term and the matching terms
# Values : Between 0 and 1

# List characters will be ignored by indexer

Fuzzy parameters

Since 4.0.4, there are two properties that allow you to enable/disable Fuzzy search and adjust its effectiveness. You can read about Fuzzy search here. Basically, the engine searches for not only exact keyword but also similar words. It is likely a feature expected by end-users, but it is also a deal with search speed. That is why you should have ability to adjust degree of similarity and enable/disable Fuzzy search.

By default, Fuzzy search is enabled. Fuzzy search will be performed when the user adds a tilde (~) after a single keyword. So the "Home~" keyword triggers a Fuzzy search of which the result may include "Rome". Also, the user can append a similarity to narrow or extend the search result, for example "Home~0.8".



The value can be true or false that means Fuzzy search is enabled or disabled respectively. The default is true.


The default similarity that varies between 0 and 1. The closer to 1 this value is set, the more found words are similar to the keyword. The value of this property is effective when the user does not add a similarity.

Use the period (.) for floating point, for example "0.1", "0.2". The default is 0.5.

Excluded characters

By default only the whitespace is recognized as the word separator - means if the data is "Lorem Ipsum", there are two indexes will be created for "Lorem" and "Ipsum".

The built-in indexing service of eXo Platform allows more word separators, like dot (.) or hyphen (-). To define those, edit the property exo.unified-search.excluded-characters.

When a user types a phrase to search, the word separator is used also. For example if hyphen is configured, and the user types "Lorem-Ipsum", then the query is sent as if it is two words.

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