1.4. Customizing environment variables

There are 2 scripts that involve setting environment variables. They are called the default script and the customized script in this document.

In Tomcat bundle and for Linux, they are:

Their Windows versions are:

Except their syntax, .sh and .bat versions are the same.

In JBoss, the scripts are:

Usage of the 2 scripts

Starting your customization

  1. Rename a file in bin folder, as below:

    • For Tomcat in Linux: rename setenv-customize.sample.sh to setenv-customize.sh.

    • For Tomcat in Windows: rename setenv-customize.sample.bat to setenv-customize.bat.

    • For JBoss in Linux: rename standalone-customize.sample.conf to standalone-customize.conf.

    • For JBoss in Windows: rename standalone-customize.sample.conf.bat to standalone-customize.conf.bat.

  2. Find the variable that you want to customize, uncomment it (by removing '#' in the .sh file or "REM" in the .bat file) and edit its value.

Use # to comment out a line in .sh, and REM in .bat. To comment out a block:

In next sections, you will walk through:

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