2.3. Deployment

There are 2 ways to deploy an add-on:

When using the Add-ons Manager,you can:

Deploying a local add-on

Let's say you want to deploy your add-on archived as my-addon-1.0.x-SNAPSHOT.zip, do as follows:

  1. Create a local catalog named local.json under $PLATFORM_HOME/addons/ with the minimal content. This local catalog will be merged with the central one at runtime. See here for information included in each catalog entry.

       "id": "exo-my-addon",
       "version": "1.0.x-SNAPSHOT",
       "name": "My Add-on",
       "description": "Example of my add-on",
       "downloadUrl": "file://D:/java/exo-working/PLATFORM_versions/my-addon-1.0.x-SNAPSHOT.zip",
       "vendor": "eXo platform",
       "license": "LGPLv3",
       "supportedDistributions": ["community","enterprise"],
       "supportedApplicationServers": ["tomcat","jboss"]
  2. Install your own add-on with the script:

    addon(.bat) --install exo-my-addon:1.0.x-SNAPSHOT

Now you will see your own add-on zip file in $PLATFORM_HOME/addons/archives.

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