1.2.1. Social

All Social gadgets are packaged in the opensocial.war file.

Gadgets nameUsed RestServiceDescriptionDescription of user preferences
Activity Stream ActivitiesRestServicesManages activities of users: updating status, liking/unliking activities, commenting activities, deleting activities and deleting comments. N/A
Social RSS Reader N/AFetches, parses and displays RSS from a specific URL.There are 2 preference fields: URL input box (default value is http://blog.exoplatform.org/feed/) and Number of RSS per page selector (default value is 10).
My Connections N/AGets and displays information of the current viewer and his connections.The number of connections displayed per page. It is set to '5' by default.
My Spaces SpacesRestServiceDisplays all spaces that a user has the "member" role.N/A
Viewer Friends N/AFetches and displays connections of the viewer.N/A
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