Popup Reminder Period Job

You must use the following target component to use the plugin in this configuration:


The configuration can be found here.

      <description>add popup reminder job to the JobSchedulerService</description>
          <description>save the monitor data  periodically</description>
          <property name="jobName" value="PopupReminderJob"/>
          <property name="groupName" value="CollaborationSuite"/>
          <property name="job" value="org.exoplatform.calendar.service.PopupReminderJob"/>
          <property name="repeatCount" value="0"/>
          <property name="period" value="15000"/>
          <property name="startTime" value="+60000"/>
          <property name="endTime" value=""/>
          <description>save the monitor data  periodically</description>
          <property name="portalName" value="portal"/>


Property namesPossible valuesDefault valueDescription
jobName String PopupReminderJob The name of job.
groupName String CollaborationSuite The name of group job.
job Class path org.exoplatform.calendar.service.PopupReminderJob The name of actual job class.
repeatCount Long 0, ( use '0' which means 'run forever'.) How many times to run this job.
period Long 15000 The time interval (millisecond) between job executions.
startTime Long +60000 The time when the job starts running.
endTime Integer None The time when the job ends running.
portalName String portal The name of the portal in which displays the pop-ups.
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