BBCode and BBCode home

The BBCode node is used to define what BBCode will be used in the forum. The type of the BBCode node is exo:forumBBCode. The BBCode node is stored in /exo:applications/ForumService/ForumData/forumBBCode/%BBCode_tag% and its node type has the following properties:

Properties nameRequired typeMultipleDescription
exo:descriptionStringfalseThe description about the tag purpose. For example: 'The [url] tag allows creating links to other websites and files'.
exo:exampleStringfalseThe example about using the tag. For example: '[URL]http://www.exoplatform.com[/URL]'.
exo:isActiveBooleanfalseThe BBCode tag is active/inactive. The BBCode tag is active if the value is set to "true".
exo:isOptionBooleanfalseIf the value is set to "true", users can create a tag with attributes and values.
exo:replacementStringfalseThe HTML code that will be replaced by the tag. For example: The [url] tag replaces '<a target='_blank' href="{param}">{param}</a>'.
exo:tagNameStringfalseThe BBCode tag name.
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