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The Category node is used to store all categories of forum, this node is a child node of the Forum Data node and only the Category node type can be added to the Category Home node. The type of the Category Home node which is exo:categoryHome is stored in /exo:applications/ForumService/ForumData/CategoryHome. The Category node has the exo:forumCategory type which is a child node of the CategoryHome node. This node type is defined to allow adding child nodes as exo:forum and exo:forumRSS.

Properties nameRequired typeMultipleDescription
exo:idStringfalseThe category Id.
exo:ownerStringfalseThe category creator.
exo:pathStringfalseThe node path of the category.
exo:createdDateDatefalseThe date when the category was created.
exo:modifiedByStringfalseThe Id of the user who made the last modification on the category.
exo:nameStringfalseThe category name.
exo:modifiedDateDatefalseThe date when the modifications on category were made.
exo:descriptionStringfalseThe category description.
exo:moderatorsStringtrueThe list of moderators of the category.
exo:tempModeratorsStringtrueThe temporary moderator of the category.
exo:createTopicRoleStringtrueThe topic role.
exo:posterStringtrueThe list of Ids of the users and groups who can post in the category.
exo:viewerStringtrueThe list of Ids of the users and groups who can only view posts in the category.
exo:categoryOrderLongfalseThe order number of category in the category list.
exo:userPrivateStringtrueThe list of user Ids whose access are restricted from the category.
exo:forumCountLongfalseThe total number of forums in the category.
exo:includedSpaceBooleanfalseChecks whether a category includes a space forum or not.

The exo:forumCategory can add the exo:forumWatching mixin type which has the following properties:

Properties nameRequired typeMultipleDescription
exo:emailWatchingStringtrueLists email addresses which are used to watch categories/forums/topics.
exo:userWatchingStringtrueLists users who are watching categories/forums/topics.
exo:rssWatchingStringtrueLists users who are watching RSS of categories/forums/topics.
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