The Post node is defined as the child node of Topic and allowed adding only the Attachment child node type. The Post node has the type of exo:post, and the child node type is exo:forumAttachment.

Properties nameRequired typeMultipleDescription
exo:idStringfalseThe post Id.
exo:ownerStringfalseThe user Id of the poster.
exo:pathStringfalseThe node path of the post.
exo:createdDateDatefalseThe date time when post is submitted, including date, time, time zone.
exo:modifiedByStringfalseThe Id of the user who modified the post.
exo:editReasonStringfalseThe reason for editing the post.
exo:modifiedDateDatefalseThe date when the post was modified.
exo:nameStringfalseThe post title.
exo:messageStringfalseThe message of the post.
exo:remoteAddrStringfalseThe remote IP address of the post.
exo:iconStringfalseThe name of the icon for the post.
exo:userPrivateStringtrueThe list of user Ids that are restricted from the post.
exo:linkStringfalseThe link to open the topic.
exo:isApprovedBooleanfalseThe state of the post: approved/unapproved. The post is approved if the value is set to "true".
exo:numberAttachLongfalseThe number of attachments in the post.
exo:isActiveByTopicBooleanfalseThe post is activity status based on the topic state. If the topic is close, all post in it will be considered as inactive.
exo:isHiddenBooleanfalseThe post status: shown/hidden. The post is hidden if the value is set to "true".
exo:isWaitingBooleanfalseThe post is in the "waiting for approval" status. The post is waiting if the value is set to "true".
exo:isFirstPostBooleanfalseThe post is the first one in a topic if the value is set to "true".
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