The soc:activity node type has the following properties:

Property NameRequired TypeMultipleDescription
soc:identityReferencefalseThe identity whose activity stream contains an activity.
soc:posterIdentityReferencefalseThe identity of the user who creates an activity.
soc:titleStringfalseThe string which specifies the primary text of an activity.
soc:titleIdStringfalseThe title Id of an activity.
soc:appIdStringfalseThe application Id which creates an activity.
soc:bodyStringfalseThe string which specifies the body template message Id in the gadget specification. The body is an optional extended version of an activity.
soc:bodyIdStringfalseThe body Id of an activity.
soc:typeStringfalseThe application Id which creates an activity.
soc:externalIdStringfalseAn optional string Id which is generated by the posting application.
soc:urlStringfalseThe URL to access an activity.
soc:priorityFloatfalseA float number between '0' and '1' which represents the relative priority level of an activity in relation to other activities from the same source.
soc:likesStringtrueThe list of identity Ids who like the activity.
soc:isCommentBooleanfalseSpecifies if an activity is a comment or not. The default value is false, meaning that it is a normal activity.
soc:postedTimeLongfalseThe number which specifies the time at which an activity took place in milliseconds since the epoch.
soc:lastUpdatedLongfalseStores the latest update of an activity.
soc:mentionersStringtrueStores Id of identities mentioned in an activity.

The soc:activity node type has the following child nodes:

Child NodesDefault Primary TypeDescription
* soc:activityAll comments of the identity. The child is the posted time stamp.
soc:paramssoc:activityparamThe activity parameters.

The soc:activity node type has two mixin types: soc:hidable, and soc:lockable

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