The soc:spacedefinition node type has the following properties:

Property NameRequired TypeMultipleDescription
soc:appStringfalseThe list of applications with portlet Id, application name, and its state (installed, activated, deactivated).
soc:nameStringfalseThe space name.
soc:displayNameStringfalseThe display name of a space.
soc:registrationStringfalseThe space registration status: open, validation, and close.
soc:descriptionStringfalseThe description of a space.
soc:avatarLastUpdatedLongfalseThe last time when the avatar is updated.
soc:typeStringfalseThe type of space which is used to run in the Classic or WebOS mode.
soc:visibilityStringfalseThe space visibility: public, private, and hidden.
soc:priorityStringfalseThe space priority level that is used to sort spaces in the spaces list. It contains three values: 1, 2 and 3. The smaller value has the higher priority level.
soc:groupIdStringfalseThe group associated with the corresponding space.
soc:urlStringfalseThe link to access a space.
soc:membersIdStringtrueThe list of users which are members of a space.
soc:pendingMembersIdStringtrueThe list of users who are pending for validation to join a space.
soc:invitedMembersIdStringtrueThe list of users who are invited to join a space.
soc:managerMembersIdStringtrueThe list of users who are managers of a space.
soc:createdTimeLongfalseThe time when a space is created.
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